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The Transparency in Public Decision-Making Processes and Related Matters Law of 2022

The Transparency in Public Decision-Making Processes and Related Matters Law of 2022 (Law 20(I)/2022) (the “Law”), designates the Independent Authority Against Corruption (referred to as the “Authority”) as the entity responsible for the effective implementation of its provisions. The primary objective of this legal framework is to establish a comprehensive structure aimed at promoting and solidifying transparency within public decision-making processes. This, in turn, serves to proactively prevent the creation of circumstances that could potentially foster or facilitate corrupt practices. As of 1st of March 2024, all provisions of the Law came into force, leading to the simultaneous application of obligations for both officials and lobbyists.

The objective of the Law is to initiate transformative and radical changes in the way in which interactions between individuals and officials, directed towards influencing public decision-making, are carried out.

The Law imposes responsibilities on both lobbyists seeking involvement in public decision-making processes and on officials, public service members, or individuals within the broader public sector, along with their employees acting on their behalf. These obligations apply to those holding positions that involve participation in the aforementioned processes by virtue of their roles.

Prior to engaging in any communication related to participation in the public decision-making process, as outlined in the Law, all officials are required to verify that the individuals seeking communication with them are duly registered in the Lobbyists’ Register.

Individuals intending to engage in public decision-making processes are encouraged to promptly arrange for their registration in the Lobbyists’ Register.

As of 27th of November 2023, the Authority accepts Applications for registration in the Lobbyists’ Register. Applications will be reviewed, and if approved, individuals will be registered in the Register and will simultaneously sign the Code of Ethics. Details will be posted on the Authority’s website www.iaac.org.cy and will include an Explanatory Note along with the necessary forms.

All information regarding registration applications and the Useful Forms (L01-L012), as well as Circulars to Officials and Lobbyists, have been posted on the Authority’s website (www.iaac.org.cy).