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[mkd_custom_font content_custom_font="Due to the strategic location of Cyprus, the favourable tax regime and the various Double Tax Treaties, the corporate and commercial sector has experienced a lot of growth and has attracted a lot of foreign corporations and individuals as means to entering the European market.  Our team has ample experience and may assist on all corporate and commercial matters." custom_font_tag="h3" font_family="" font_size="" line_height="" font_style="normal" text_align="left" font_weight="light" color="" text_decoration="none" letter_spacing=""]   [mkd_custom_font content_custom_font="Our Corporate and Commercial team handles all types of corporate and commercial matters for public and private companies, local or offshore, partnerships and individuals including:" custom_font_tag="h3" font_family="" font_size="" line_height="" font_style="normal"...

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